The Kings of EE Business SIM Only

The Kings of SIM Only

Admittedly this may well be an eponymous title but we really do feel strongly that we are the true kings when it comes to business SIM only plans. In addition to EE’s regular promotional plans we also offer their standard range of plans which we are able to heavily discount giving you, the customer, the best possible value.

Take a look at our current offers by clicking here but not just yet, read on first to understand some of the real benefits of EE’s Business SIM only plans.

Four Months SIM Only Upgrade

Upgrade after 4 months with NO PENALTIES

Even though most of the SIM only plans we offer are on a 24-month contract, EE give us the option to upgrade our existing customers onto a handset plan after four months with absolutely no penalties.

This gives you, the customer, peace of mind to continue on with your existing phone for a few more months, safe in the knowledge you can grab that shiny new version once it gives up the ghost.

Some BIG Cost Savings

If you are at the end of your contract and your current phone is working just fine then why not get a little longer out of it and save yourself some money in the process.

With average costs of an iPhone plan coming in at around £50 per month, swapping onto a SIM only plan for six months could save you a whopping £250. If you are a business with several mobile devices these savings can easily run into the thousands and just for getting that littler longer our of your phone.

With the option to upgrade after 4 months (see above) there’s no need to wait around for two years either, you have the flexibility to get that new handset when you are ready.

Save Money with SIM Only
Interest Free Handsets

Interest Free Offers

We never like sending our customers elsewhere but if you just need one device then check out some of the manufacturers websites.

Companies like Apple and Samsung sometimes offer interest free credit on their devices if you buy directly from them. If you pair this up with one of our low cost SIM only plans then this will work out at a great value monthly price.

Just make sure you check out any small print in the finance agreement to make sure there are no hidden charges.

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