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Make your business even faster on the move with 4G+

With 4G+ we’re continuing to help you make your business even faster on the move.

Initially available in parts of London, 4G+ brings you download speeds of up to 90 Mb/second. It’s like getting fibre speeds on your mobile when youíre out and about. Fast enough for your team to download huge files or even have an HD video conference call on the go.

Data consumption is set to more than triple by 2018. It’s new innovations like 4G+ that mean our network will be ready for what the future holds.

And don’t forget, weíre already the only network to offer double speed 4GEE, bringing speeds of up to 60Mb/second to over 35 million people nationwide.

The first network to launch 4G, the first network to double 4GEE speeds, and the first network to launch up to 90Mb/second mobile data speeds in London.

Watch the video to see how 4G+ is enabling EE users in Wembley Stadium.

Business Connect

Business Connect

A custom made plan for businesses and their budgets, for now and in the future.

Business Connect gives customers exactly what they need. They can share minutes and texts for use in the UK and in EU while roaming and from the UK to Europe and USA. They can even expand this to additional countries – plus they can share their UK data too.

EE Roaming


We go further to give you 4G in more places than any other UK network.

We’re not just talking towns either. You should be able to use your data all over the place. Why shouldn’t you share a seaside selfie, check in up a peak, ot stream live videos from a festival field?

Well, at EE, we’ve got 4G in more places than any other UK network to help you do all that and more.



Free EU roaming for our customers

When it comes to running your business, we know being connected at all times is a must.

With our business plans, you can use your minutes, texts and data in our Europe zone exactly like you do in the UK.

EE Wifi

WiFi calling

WiFi calling lets you call and text wherever there’s WiFi.

We all know a place where the phone signal’s a bit patchy, like that niggly spot in the back bedroom. Well now you can call and text as normal wherever there’s WiFi.

WiFi Calling doesn’t require an app. You dial as normal, your phone’s contacts work like normal, your calls and texts come out of your allowance like normal. All you need is WiFi, the rest is automatic.

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