EE Business customers extra perks

Cheeky extras!

Who doesn’t love a perk here and there. We’ve listed below four fringe benefits you may well be eligible for just for being an EE Business customer. If you need help with accessing any of them just let us know.

EE Business early upgrades

Early upgrades

Want a shiny new handset but you’re not quite at the end of your contract?

Once you are a OneBell customer we are able to offer you an early upgrade on your handset plan up to six months before the end of your contract with no early upgrade fees.

As an added benefit we’ll even keep a track of this date for you and contact you when it’s ready leaving you free to focus on running your business.

Extended Apple warranty

Unlike most handset manufacturers, Apple only provide a 12-month warranty on their handsets which is not ideal if you are entering a 24-month contract.

As an EE Business customer, you’ll get the second year of cover free of charge. The first 12 months is still covered by Apple directly and the second year is covered by EE. 90% of the time they can diagnose and rectify the problem over the phone but you can relax, safe in the knowledge that you are covered should a fault develop.

Extended warranty of Apple phones
BT Sport App Free

Free access to the BT Sport mobile app

Unlike the free trial offered to to consumer customers, EE Business customers, on eligible plans, can choose free access to the BT Sports mobile app as their Smart Benefit.

Enjoy the best seat for the Premier League, UEFA Champions League, Europa League and FA Cup matches as well as BT Sport Fight Night Live boxing, cricket, American sports and more.

Just text PICK to 150 to choose BT Sport (eligible plans only).

Free Apple Music

Apple Music gives you access to more than 70 million tracks. You can also listen to Apple radio services, curate your own personalised music, live stream and download for offline listening.

If you are on a plan which includes Smart Benefits you can gain access to Apple Music with no cost.

Just text PICK to 150 to select Apple Music as your Smart Benefit (eligible plans only).

Apple Music free for 6 months

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