Can I use a business mobile for personal use?

Can I use a business mobile for personal use?

For some people, the idea of having a separate mobile phone for their work and personal life seems excessive and a waste of money. Surely it is simpler to pay for a business mobile- a necessity for your work, and to also have it for personal use?

In reality, personal and business are very different worlds which should be kept exclusive in all approaches. To help you better understand the risks you take by using just one mobile we have compiled a list below.


Personal Data

Arguably the biggest risk on any mobile phone is the connection to the internet but more importantly, the amount of information we have online and stored on our devices. Your data and personal information are constantly under threat from hackers and scammers across the globe. By storing everything in your world, personal and business, in one device, you are exposed to numerous threats.


Contact Hours

It’s great to be available at a moment’s notice to take a call during business hours but being too accessible for your customers can become problematic. Not only does this set a dangerous precedent with customers that they can call you outside of work hours and on weekends, but it also creates an unhealthy work-life balance.


Tone Of Voice

In handing out your business number for personal calls you are inevitably setting yourself up for problems. Firstly, you will have to be aware of who is calling you to decide in which manner you should answer the phone. You will also come into issues if you have to change your number either for business or personal as you will either have customers or those in your personal life reaching an inactive number.


Ultimately, business numbers aren’t meant for your personal life and vice versa; they are inefficient, problematic and potentially dangerous. If you need a work and personal mobile, it is definitely worth exploring your options in separating numbers.

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