3 key benefits of a sim-only business contract

3 key benefits of a sim-only business contract

Find out why more savvy business owners are now choosing sim-only deals for their business phones.

Many business owners are now shunning contracts that include the price of a handset in favour for sim-only deals.

Think about your business phone requirements. If you’re only using the handset for calls, messages, emails and internet browsing, then you’re unlikely to require the most up-to-the-minute handset.

Here are the three key benefits of choosing a sim-only business contract.

1. Cheaper

Choosing a sim-only deal over a contract that includes the price of a handset will save your business money. Business sim-only deals can give you all the benefits of a business contract without having to add the extra expense of a new handset. However, if you are looking for a new handset, you can also buy one outright and have a sim-only contract to keep costs down.

So even if you’re looking for a new handset, if you can afford to buy it outright and then get a sim-only contract you will be better off.  If you already have an existing smartphone from a contract that you have paid off, then even better! If you can avoid upgrading you will see a significant decrease in your monthly phone expenses by going sim-only.

2. More flexible

Choosing a business sim-only deal is less of a commitment as the contracts are often shorter.  Whilst many business sim-only deals are 12 or 24 months long, it is also possible to find monthly rolling contracts.

3. Upgrade when you want

Rather than having to wait for your phone contract to be up before upgrading your handset, with a sim-only deal you can upgrade your phone whenever it takes your fancy.

When you choose a business sim-only deal with One Bell, as well as paying less than you would with a standard contract, you will also receive free EU data roaming.

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